Silence Of The Hams | Sketches | UPP Studios

  • 04/17/2017

UPP Studios is proud to present, another new media sketch comedy video, entitled "Silence Of The Hams." As you may or may not know, UPP Studios stands for Utility Player Production Studios. A big part of being a "Utility Player," is coming through at a very clutch time; the metaphorical "bottom of the ninth." We are fortunate to have many utility players on the UPP roster, and now we have one more. Michael K. Yeager has begun working with UPP to add VFX to our productions. Michael's UPP debut was awesome, with the great gunshot work he did on the Easter Sunday sketch. Now, hours before we were set to release our latest sketch, Michael whipped up a cool little effect for the opening title, to give the video a little extra something. Having access to someone with VFX capabilities provides for a whole new world of creative possibilites. We are very excited to see how our sketches progress with this new found relationship. Thanks for watching and please feel free to let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Cast and Crew:

Finch - Adam C. Lively

Stanley - David M. Goldman

Passerby - David Gabriel

Ivan - Evan L. Smith

Writers - Adam C. Lively & David M. Goldman

Directors - Adam C. Lively & David M. Goldman

Editor - Adam C. Lively

Director of Photography - Adam C. Lively

Assistant Director of Photography - David Gabriel

Opening Title VFX - Michael K. Yeager

Produced by UPP Studios