Talent | Sketches | UPP Studios

  • 07/23/2018

UPP Studios presents, another new media sketch comedy video, entitled “Talent”. In general, we like to take the ridiculous as far as it can go. We went further than that with this one. This video is the result of an extremely silly idea that David had. Although Adam wasn’t completely sold on the pitch initially, David begged that he wait to see what the sketch would look like once the sound effects were plugged in. That’s the beauty of the UPP Studios partnership. Trust. Adam wasn’t able to see David’s vision off the bat, but he trusted David’s instincts. After a bit of direction from David, and some sound effect research, David had Adam hooked. When all was said and done, Adam understood why David thought this stupid idea was funny, and because he was willing to take a risk, the two created something hilariously silly. We hope you enjoy the epitome of a wonderful UPP Studios collaboration. Thank you for watching! Please, let us know what you think in the comments section below!
Cast and Crew:

James - Adam C. Lively

Daniel - David M. Goldman

Writer - David M. Goldman

Directors - David M. Goldman & Adam C. Lively

Editor - Adam C. Lively

Director of Photography - Adam C. Lively

Produced by UPP Studios