Actpartment Episode 2 | New Media Web Series

  • 11/16/2015

Actpartment Episode 2: The Move In | Series

In season one episode two of “Actpartment”, the audition process is over and the footage has been reviewed. This has left Glen Drexel in the difficult position of having to decide which three lucky individuals will live with him in the apartment. Once chosen and notified, these strangers move in and begin to get to know one another (often better than they wished they had). Glen, set up in the heart of LA, comes to us with raw footage from real individuals trying to make a life, and even beyond that a name, in this tough city. Thrown into the center of this dynamic situation, we see how three very different personalities collide to create the documentary series that Glen has dubbed, the one and only, “Actpartment”! 

New Media Web Series | UPP Studios

When UPP Studios began filming “Actpartment”, they did a lot of improvisation. Finding a groove, they continued improvising, ultimately creating a web series that is 95% improvised. A primarily improvised series was not the original intention, however, when it started to work, UPP Studios rolled with it. Mind you, there were many things that were premeditated by the writers in many discussions that took place before filming began, but even the initial seed of an idea came from a very organic place of improvised trial and error. That said, UPP Studios is very proud to have “Actpartment” as it’s first original web series and internet media production. 

Cast & Crew:
Glenn Drexel - Albion Sabani
Lucas Viralti - David M. Goldman
Richard Strong -Evan L. Smith
Wayne Ellisor - Adam C. Lively

Director - Adam C. Lively 

Editor - Adam C. Lively

Director of Photography - Adam C. Lively

Produced by UPP Studios