Blog 022 | Wardrobe Styling

  • 07/15/2016

This blog, brought to you by UPP Studios, discusses wardrobe styling as it relates to production. It's the little things that people take for granted. When it comes to cinematic production, the little things are sound, lighting, props and wardrobe styling. In actuality, none of these are little things, but a viewer neglects to think about how crucial each of these things really are. Wardrobe styling will often dictate a lot for an actor. If an actor is playing a character that only wears clothes that are 3 times too small for his/her body, that tight clothing will have a direct effect on the actor's posture, and subsequently, that actor's demeanor. Wardrobe styling can dictate a time, a region, financial status, sexuality and more. As there are so many things the actor can pull from a costume, there are some actors who prefer to do their own wardrobe styling. Woody Harrelson, for instance, dressed his own character for the film Zombieland. Wardrobe styling is just as much a craft and art form as writing, directing, and performing, which is why it holds it's own category in all of the major award ceremonies. Poor choices on the part of a wardrobe stylist, can undoubtedly negatively effect the success of a film. 

UPP Studios

In April, 2016, UPP Studios producer, Adam C. Lively, was flown to Tokyo to star in an Izzy Bizzu and Honne music video. While 

Adam C. Lively in Tokyo Japan | Wardrobe Styling there, he experienced first hand, the time and effort that goes into wardrobe styling. His entire first day in Japan was solely dedicated to shopping for outfits that would set the proper time and tone for the video. UPP Studios is a start up and self-funded company. In consideration of our almost non-existent budget, we tend to try to use our own personal collection of clothes to dress our characters, but this can be limiting. Whenever someone is discarding anything that we think we can use as a prop or costume, we take it, and store it for future use. As we progress and gain funding, we will be able to focus more on wardrobe, and ultimately purchase the exact costume pieces we want for any given character. Even though we are currently personally financed, when a character demands a certain aesthetic in order for the scene to work, we make the necessary purchases (as was the case with the wigs from the Young Sociopaths sketch). Even when working within the confines of a limited wardrobe, it is important to take the time to consider what works and what doesn't for your characters. UPP Studios thanks you for your interest in our company. There is a new blog every Friday and an original new media sketch comedy video every Monday, released right here, at so stay tuned!