Blog 027 | Undeviating Presence

  • 08/19/2016

‚ÄčThis blog, brought to you by UPP Studios, discusses the importance of an undeviating presence, for newcomers in search of success. Like most things, finding success in business is a numbers game. The more one tries, the more likely one is to succeed. Something with an undeviating presence can only be ignored for so long, before one has no choice but to take notice. A major factor is the sense of comfort a viewer gets in being able to depend on a particular source of entertainment. The audience knows that without fail, if there is nothing else going on, at least this or that show is on every such and such night of the week. "Saturday Night Live," (and the less notorious show "Friday's" which followed) went as far as to create that sense of reliance right within the title of the show. 

One platform used to be enough to be able to release content, and build an audience. Now, however, with the creation and subsequent explosion in popularity of the Internet, shows are breaking down into smaller segments and releasing those segments on the web. There is a fine line between undeviating presence and inundation of content. It is for this reason that when late night shows break up into segments for the Internet, they only use certain segments, as opposed to every segment in the show. 

Undeviating presence works for the individual as well. It is known that most successful comedians spend a large portion of their career touring and doing stand-up. Although it feels as though some of the major success stories from the comedy community become famous overnight, this couldn't be further from the truth. On the contrary, comedians like Louis C.K., Kevin James, Kevin Hart and Chris Rock have been putting their time in, paying their dues, and making a point of staying in the public eye, whatever it takes. As such, they have all been able to turn that undeviating presence into a television and film career. This is not to say that these gentlemen are by any means untalented and that all they did was push themselves on the public. They are all extremely talented in their own right. The material or the person still must warrant the attention of the public for their notoriety to build as a result of their undeviating presence. That said, ultimately it seems, one gets to a point where the industry realizes the dependent relationship these comedians have built with their audiences, and the industry perpetuates that relationship in an attempt to capitalize on it. 

UPP Studios

UPP Studios has made a point of consistently releasing content on a weekly basis. Furthermore, everything we have released, we are proud to UPP Studios | Sketch Comedy | Photoshave released. Every Monday we release a new media sketch comedy video, embedded in our site, Every Thursday, we reach into the pool of sketches we have already released through our website, and we re-release one of these videos through Facebook using the hashtag throwbackthursday. We release a new original blog every Friday. We haven't missed a single week since the first sketch we released. Our viewership is growing and we believe it is because we have begun to establish our company as a reliable source for good quality funny content. We have an undeviating presence and people are beginning to take notice. After weeks of seeing our posts on their Facebook news feeds, people have begun to click in and investigate because they are intrigued by this thing that doesn't seem to be going away. Make no mistake, creating an undeviating presence is not an easy thing to do. It takes sacrifice. It takes good planning. It takes ambition and it takes a desire to be the best version of yourself. Only then can you work as hard as you need to to make things happen. Of course there are times when things come up in our lives that we have to shift our focus towards which is why we've built a foundation of content in order to ensure release even on a week that we are busy with other things. Hopefully, you reading this blog, is proof that we've built a relationship with you that satisfies and intrigues you to the point of wanting more.

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