Blog 028 | Hitting The Target Date

  • 08/26/2016

This blog, brought to you by UPP Studios, discusses hitting the target date for the release of one’s content, and the inherent difficulties that follow. Deadlines perturb most perfectionists. You see, a perfectionist doesn’t want to be told that a project is past the point of being tinkered with. As far as they’re concerned, adjustments can always be made, as there is always room for improvement. Once time runs out, however, one has no choice but to hope that at the very least any major necessary changes have been made. 

In the documentary “6 Days To Air,” we see “South Park” creator Trey Parker living this very struggle. Even once he has corrected issues he sees with his episodes, he is still reluctant to call them completed because as time passes, he begins to second guess himself and the integrity of the show’s comedic material. South Park is a very topical show, and in order to stay ahead of the curve, episodes must be very quickly produced. There are a ton of moving parts when it comes to animation. With so many detailed variables to consider, there are times when production comes right down to the wire. In the documentary, we see a South Park producer driving the finished episode directly to the broadcasting station, arriving within minutes of airtime. 

Live shows, like topical shows, make changes right up until the show begins. “Saturday Night Live,” for instance, adds, cuts and changes the line-up of it’s sketches right up until showtime. Occasionally changes are even made during the taping of the show. 

Hitting the target date is more practical with thorough planning, but unfortunately, sometimes, life gets in the way of plans.

UPP Studios

UPP Studios founders David M. Goldman and Adam C. Lively have very busy lives outside of production. As the company is still in it’s ground stages, the two must work other jobs, in addition to running UPP Studios, to pay the bills. As often as is possible, David and Adam like to get ahead of the game by creating content far in advance of it’s release, and storing it, creating a reservoir to pull from. This reservoir protects against weeks in which their lives get more hectic than they had anticipated. Hitting the target date is still possible, no matter how busy one gets, if they have this sort of solid foundation to pull from. To reiterate, though, life gets in the way of plans. 

Some weeks it is more difficult than others to think of blog topics or conceptualize sketches. Some weeks are so hectic that it becomes difficultAdam C. Lively & David M. Goldman Behind The Scenes to even focus on those tasks. These speed bumps absolutely make things more difficult, but with perseverance, UPP Studios is still able to thrive. The best way in which to ensure that success is still a reality is to maintain a positive attitude and remember all that you are capable of. There have been times that David and Adam have had to reassure each other that meeting their deadline is still a reality, and remind each other that they are “Utility Players” that get things done one way or another. 

As the boys have hit all of their content release deadlines, they have begun to solidify their “Undeviating Presence,” which is attracting the attention of many within the industry that want to collaborate and create. They are excited, moving forward, about what the future may bring. 

UPP Studios thanks you for your interest in their content, and hopes that you will continue to join them, throughout their exciting journey. There is a new blog every Friday, and original new media sketch comedy videos every Monday, right here at, so tune in!