Blog 031 | Unwinding

  • 09/16/2016

This blog, brought to you by UPP Studios, discusses the importance of unwinding when you have a constant heavy work-load. Writing is a difficult job. It can become exhausting because it is extremely tedious. Acting is extremely emotionally demanding, not to mention the brain power one must dedicate to memorization. Directing is a big task because a director must control many of the moving parts and orchestrate them in just the right way. Producing takes a lot of time and energy. If one does all of these things, you can imagine that it can become overwhelming. There are many in the industry that create from the ground up, having a hand in almost every piece of the process. 

The list of people who have done this is bigger than you may think. It is ambitious, but it is do-able. In film, Clint Eastwood, George Clooney, Melissa McCarthy, Kevin Hart, and Ben Affleck all, at one point or another, have respectively taken on many or all of these jobs simultaneously. Louis C.K., Larry David, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and John Oliver have achieved this in television. That is not even close to the entirety of people who have worked in every aspect of production. As if wearing four or more “hats” at once wasn’t a big enough task to perform once, many of these people do this on a regular basis. 

With the inevitible stress that comes from working many jobs simultaneously, unwinding is vital to one’s mental health and creative process. Both Louis C.K. and Larry David had a year or more break between seasons of their respective shows, and both for the same reasons. Both felt that they and the audience needed a break. They needed time away from the material in order to gain a new-found sense of inspiration to re-visit that world; to be able to come back and create the best show possible. In addition, they needed time to decompress. To either not do the same thing that they had been doing day in and day out, or to not do anything at all. 

UPP Studios

David M. Goldman and Adam C. Lively wear many hats between the two of them. They write, they edit, they direct, they produce, they set design, they costume design, and the list goes on. There are certainly times when David and Adam feel inundated to the point of suffocation. They do all of this on a weekly basis, continually bringing you fun, high quality content. They understand, however, that unwinding is key.UPP Studios Blog The Best Defense is a Good Offense 

As mentioned in previous UPP Studios blog entries, creating a solid foundation of content, provides one with breathing room and less stress as there is always something in “the bank” to release. This practice has allowed for Adam and David to go away on vacation and/or just take time off to let their creative minds rest. 

When one is overworked it doesn’t just effect them, but it effects the people around them. Stress induced pressure can make people volatile and has the potential to create a hostile work environment. We at UPP Studios have a mantra that guides us; work hard, play hard. Even if you love what you do, you have to remember to take moments away from it to enjoy and experience life. To watch funny videos, and read interesting blogs. Lucky for you, UPP Studios brings you an original sketch comedy video every Monday and a new blog every Friday. Thank you for your interest in our content!