Blog 037 | Go-Getter

  • 10/28/2016

This blog, brought to you by UPP Studios, discusses how the “go-getter” mentality has the potential to propel one towards success. As I see it, the formula is straightforward: Dreams + Ambition + Drive = Success. 

James Cameron is a visionary. His movies are extravagant. When you see one of his films, you’re not only watching a movie, you’re having an experience. Cameron takes filmmaking to another level. It takes a lot of time for him to develop his films, because he imagines and creates everything down to the smallest detail. For his film "Avatar," Cameron created a dictionary which detailed the fictional language of his characters. Furthermore, he wrote an entire encyclopedia, cataloging every piece of the world of Pandora that he had dreamt up for the film. As if these weren’t amazing enough feats, I believe his go-getter mentality was truly personified when he decided to invest his own money to create the technology that made for the most unbelievable 3-D film anyone had ever seen. 

Cameron didn’t bother to consider whether or not it would be possible to shoot a film that felt so real for the audience, he just made it happen. That is what the go-getter mentality boils down to. As my business partner Adam C. Lively would call say, “making plays.” When films like "E.T.," "Back To The Future," and "Star Wars" were made, there was no precedent for the type of films those filmmakers were making. As a result, Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis, George Lucas, and many other like minded artists, embodied that go-getter mentality, and created worlds that movie-going audiences had never seen before. They created film techniques and sound effects that had never been used before. They relied on their confidence to allow them to deliver an amazing final product. Thank goodness for innovators of their kind. 

UPP Studios

Adam C. Lively embodies the go-getter mentality to the fullest. This is one of the many things that I have tried to emulate in an attempt to be what I believe to be the best version of myself. That’s why when Adam and I were recently approached to shoot a trailer for someone’s television show, I suggested an underwater shot. UPP Studios had never filmed underwater before. We weren’t even familiar with the equipment one would need to pull off such a shot. However, having seen what we are capable of, and knowing that the shot is technically possible, I was confident that we could pull it off. 

Adam C. Lively Underwater Shooting | Instagram PhotoThere was a time when using amazing film equipment meant paying the kind of money that most people couldn’t afford. An unbelievable website, with an invite-only community, has since been created, allowing for more artists, innovators, and dreamers to capture extraordinary footage. UPP Studios was fortunate enough to have been invited to, which is where we rented the underwater camera casing that allowed us to execute the shot we wanted. As a result of that production, we have other potential clients, who are interested in having us do an underwater shoot for them. Dreams + Ambition + Drive = Success. We will continue to embody the go-getter mentality and invite you to come along for the ride! 

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