Gravity | Sketches | UPP Studios

  • 10/09/2017

UPP Studios is proud to present, another new media sketch comedy video, entitled "Gravity." As our production company is still in it's infancy, we must be strategic about how we spend our money, and how we utilize the things at our disposal. For this sketch, we needed two locations, one for each direction we were shooting. As we did not have easy access to a typical audition room, we assessed the space we did have access to, to determine the best way to execute this video. We decided that we could use the same wall to represent both locations, as long as we dressed it differently for each shot. It is this kind of problem solving that allows us to keep creating, without breaking the bank. We hope you enjoy this sketch, and we encourage you to let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Cast and crew:

Aussie Director - Adam C. Lively

Gregory - Adam Barksdale

Henry - David M. Goldman

Writers - David M. Goldman and Adam C. Lively

Directors - David M. Goldman and Adam C. Lively

Editor - Adam C. Lively

Director of Photography - Adam C. Lively

Produced by UPP Studios