McGregor versus Khabib | Sketches | UPP Studios

  • 10/15/2018

UPP Studios is proud to present, another new media sketch comedy video, entitled “McGregor versus Khabib.” Once in a while, we like to hit on trending topics. The fight between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov was one for the books. People are still talking about the ramifications of that matchup, and the chaos that ensued on the night of the fight. We wanted to embody some of that chaos in this sketch. Hopefully you enjoy the aggressive nature of this UFC themed sketch. Thanks for watching! We encourage you to let us know what you think in the comments section below! 

Cast and Crew: 

Peter - David M. Goldman

Troy - Adam C. Lively

Writers - David M. Goldman & Adam C. Lively

Directors - David M. Goldman & Adam C. Lively

Editor - Adam C. Lively

Director of Photography - Adam C. Lively

Produced by UPP Studios