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  • 08/01/2016

New Media | Sketch Comedy | UPP Studios

UPP Studios is proud to present, another new media sketch comedy video, entitled "Personal Trainer." Life often imitates art, and vice versa. After a break in filming, David M. Goldman had to move the car, then quickly return, to film the remainder of the sketch. As he was running from the car back to Adam C. Lively,  uphill, out of breath, wheezing, sweating, and holding handfuls of food (as props, of course), he couldn't help but laugh. You see, in this frantic state, he passed a group of hikers, and they looked as shocked at David's appearance in that moment, as Adam does in this sketch. Thanks for watching and please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Cast and Crew:

Franklin - Adam C. Lively

Lou - David M. Goldman

Writers - David M. Goldman & Adam C. Lively

Editor - Adam C. Lively

Directors - David M. Goldman & Adam C. Lively

Director of Photography - Adam C. Lively

Produced by UPP Studios