David M. Goldman

  • 01/18/2016

UPP Studios founder, David M. Goldman was born in Queens, NY on April 28, 1987.  His parents, attorneys in practice together, felt that the name “David” would perfectly compliment his Jewish heritage, New York attitude and stocky genes, to make David M. Goldman an instant walking cliché. In actuality, his mother chose the name in reference to Bruce Willis’ character in the show “Moonlighting” and his father chose the name in reference to the cartoon version of “David and Goliath”, which is really no better. 

In 1994, Ace Ventura Pet Detective, starring Jim Carrey, opened in theatres nationside and it would change David's life forever. One glimpse at Carrey, and the way his performance affected fans, filling their bellies with laughter, and David M. Goldman knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life: perform. He attended the Cherubs acting program at Northwestern University, BADA (British American Drama Academy) in England and obtained a BA in Theatre at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, before moving to LA to pursue his dreams. Feeling like he wasn’t getting to stretch his creative legs within the confines of an industry with nepotism and rules, he and a friend branched out to create a company (UPP Studios) that would allow them to do the kinds of things he only imagined as a 7 year old in a dingy movie theater in Queens.