Actpartment Episode 1 | New Media Web Series

  • 11/15/2015

Actpartment Episode 1: The Auditions | Series

In season one episode one of this five episode new media web series entitled “Actpartment”, documentarian Glen Drexel shares his intentions of capturing the struggle of individuals that come to Los Angeles, CA to make it big in the entertainment industry. Even with many odds against them, the passionate march on, striving for the one thing they desire most. Glen Drexel, therefore, begins his search for the subjects of his passion project documentary. As zany characters begin to roll in one after another, however, Glen realizes that he had no idea of the true scope of crazy that exists in the Los Angeles entertainment scene, but he’s committed to seeing the project through. Once everyone has had a chance to share their story, Glen must sift through to find a few people that he can potentially work with.  

New Media Web Series | UPP Studios

UPP Studios is very proud to share it’s first new media web series, officially known as “Actpartment”. The founders, David M. Goldman and Adam C. Lively, not only created the original content that you see on this site, but appear in it as well. They are proud to bring “Actpartment” to the world, and welcome all to the official website. Here, viewers may take part in watching fun, innovative content, and seeing a company grow through creativity and passion (the very things Glen Drexel is in search of in “Actpartment”!).

Cast & Crew:
Glenn Drexel - Albion Sabani
Hank Jones - Anthony Zediker
Richard Strong - Evan L. Smith
Lucas Viralti - David M. Goldman
Andrew McKinnley - Kevin Markovic
Sophie Negroni - Chloe Burman
Wayne Ellisor - Adam C. Lively
Whitney Waddleton - Vanessa Sabani
Elena Bregier - Elena Bregier
Ricky Springfield - Michael Goldstien 

Director(s) - Adam C. Lively & David M. Goldman

Editor - Adam C. Lively

Director of Photography - Adam C. Lively

Produced by UPP Studios