Blog 003 | Actpartment | New Media Web Series

  • 02/25/2016

"Actpartment" is an original new media web series created by UPP Studios. Albion Sabani plays Glen Drexel, a young, up and coming documentarian, who wants to find “people who are inspired [and], therefore inspiring, [to others]…people who want to make their dream a reality.” 

Glen holds auditions for aspiring artists to share their stories and, ultimately, he will offer 3 of them “dirt cheap rent, in exchange for unlimited access to their struggles of being a starving artist.” In searching for these individuals, however, Glen quickly finds himself in a tumultuous environment, unsure of whether or not he will ever achieve a final product that is worthy of the production he has dreamt up. 

Not only is "Actpartment" a new media web series that is 95% improvised, but it is very reflective of many actual struggles that aspiring artists go through…some of these are even struggles that UPP Studios founders Adam C. Lively, and David M. Goldman have experienced themselves. After Glen sifts through the candidates in the first episode of "Actpartment", things really start to pick up in the subsequent episodes, as big personalities clash in a relatively small living environment. The series is not only relatable to those who are involved in the entertainment industry, (either directly or peripherally), but it relates to a vast number of people on a basic human interaction level. "Actpartment" is a new media series that highlights those certain frustrations that we have all encountered on some level or another. Please enjoy the entire 5 episode first season of this new media web series, hosted on the UPP Studios website, and look forward to a second season with even greater production value!

The Production of Actpartment | UPP Studios

The production of the new media web series Actpartment started with a question: Why do people seeking a career in the entertainment industry continue to struggle to achieve that goal while they subject themselves to a constant sea of rejection? This is a very real question for which documentarian Glen Drexel seeks an answer. While this may seem like a very difficult question to be asking as one conceptualizes a comedic web series, it actually leads to a comedic gold mine when you begin to think about the type of person that would endure such a lifestyle/living environment. 

Initially, the goal was to create a new media web series with a common thread, but one in which each episode would stand on its own.  As the series was being developed, we came to realize that there was a vast amount of material that the characters could bring to the table.  As such, the series involved a great deal of character development, a backstory and, most importantly, a story “arc”. An arc that is not only of comedic value, but one that is heartfelt, relatable, and substantial. Once a solid foundation was conceptualized, improvisation came easier because everyone had a deep understanding of their characters and the context of the Web series.

UPP Studios Actpartment photographyUPP Studios could not have been more fortunate throughout the creation of their first new media web series, "Actpartment."  To begin with, the producers had access to an extremely dedicated and talented cast. People like Chloe Berman, who brings such a flare to the screen and is such a professional, was truly a pleasure with which to collaborate. Evan L. Smith, who brings his substantial theater background to the screen is an absolute improvisational fire cracker. Listening to Evan’s improvised dialogue made it almost impossible to contain the on-set laughter. Mike Goldstein, who was told he could create his own character and came up with such a bizarre, car crash of a persona, he makes it impossible to look away from the screen. As if this cast wasn’t amazing enough, Anthony Zediker came on board and collaborated with UPP Studios on a phenomenal soundtrack. Anthony worked diligently, putting in an inordinate amount of time and effort composing music that really supports the series and adds so much to it, making it an even fuller experience for the viewer. Music is such a key aspect of any cinematic medium and the music Anthony created really brought this production together.  UPP Studios is very proud of the first season of Actpartment and cannot wait to produce a second season of this wonderful new media web series.