Blog 019 | Building Viewership

  • 06/24/2016

This blog, brought to you by UPP Studios, discusses building viewership in the new, ever-changing, digital landscape. Of course, anyone that uploads a video to the Internet wants that video to be viewed. Views of a video, however, are not inherent merely as a result of their existence on the web. To gain views and build an audience, one must be strategic. First comes advertising and promotion. From posts on social media outlets, to sponsored ads on popular websites, to merchandising, there are many different methods of advertising and promotion. It is important to find ways to get one's name and brand in front of people so that eventually that name and that brand become synonymous with the product that particular company produces (comedy, drama, series, documentaries, commercials, industrial videos, etc.). The next step is to continuously release new content. The best way to show the public that you’re serious about what you do  is to release new material on a regular basis. This also facilitates the growth of a portfolio, which shows people what you’re capable of and how dynamic you can be. The last step is finding the right home for your content. To re-iterate, we are in the midst of an ever-changing digital landscape. The number of websites dedicated to any particular type of content continues to grow exponentially. As such, the more places people can find your content, the more likely they are going to view it.


We at UPP Studios are taking all of the aforementioned steps in order to build our viewership. We advertise and promote regularly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Vine. Furthermore, Facebook has introduced a new feature called “Facebook Live,” that we have begun using as well. Facebook Live is revolutionary, because for the first time, content is able to land in front of any of the millions of people that use Facebook, as opposed to just your friends, followers, or hashtags (like most social media sites operate and like Facebook used to operate). In addition to the use of social media outlets, UPP Studios has begun merchandising with the purchase of stickers with the company logo and web address. The public has already started to use these stickers, increasing the chances that the general public will become familiar with our brand. We plan on ordering t-shirts and sweatshirts in the coming months. We make a point of consistently releasing new content, which keeps our company relevant. Every Monday we release an original, new media sketch comedy video on YouTube and on the UPP Studios homepage. Every Thursday, we re-release one of our sketches through Facebook for "Throwback Thursday", and every Friday, we release a new original blog on our web site as well.

Lastly, we have begun to disseminate our content to many different popular sites, in attempt to reach many different audience pools, and a variety of demographics. We started by housing our content in four places: our website,UPP Studios Trump's Wall Cover Photo YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram (sometimes cutting one minute versions of a sketch, other times just releasing a portion of the sketch as a teaser). We have since begun to branch out, submitting our content to popular, trending sites like Mashable, BuzzFeed, and Funny or Die. We have plans to upload to Vimeo and Amazon as well. While some sites allow you to upload content outright, other sites have you submit content, selectively choosing what will be featured on their site. Funny or Die is the best of both worlds. While anyone can create a profile, and upload videos to the site, only certain videos get featured. UPP Studios has been fortunate enough to be selected by Funny or Die to have one of our sketches featured by their site. This Sunday, June 26 2016 “Donald Trump’s Wall” will be on the Funny or Die homepage. Shortly thereafter, Funny or Die will feature the video on it's YouTube channel. This kind of cross promotion has the potential to do very big things in terms of our viewership. It is a huge step in the right direction, as we continue to do all we can, building viewership as we go. Thank you for your interest in our content. We encourage you to let us know what you think about our videos in the comments section below each video, and we hope that you continue to enjoy all that UPP Studios has to offer.