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  • 11/15/2015

UPP Studios provides a wide array of production services. Whether you want us to help you build your project from the ground up (producing content, storyboarding, location scouting, market research, directing), or you just need someone to step in for post production services (editing, color correction, SEO tips and strategic marketing), we can help you meet your industry goals. Not only do we handle behind the scenes work, but we also have a network of actors that can fill your project roles, should that be necessary. In addition to film, UPP Studios can assist in all of your digital photography needs. Below is a more detailed breakdown of our production services. (When we're not helping you with your project UPP delivers content to the world on a regular basis. Check out the first season of our web series!) 


Production Services | UPP Studios


Photography: UPP Studios can cover all of your digital photography needs. Shooting on a Panasonic Lumix GH4 camera (shoots in 4K), we can do anything from headshots to modeling sessions, to event photography (parties, concerts, business meetings, etc).
Video: Utilizing several state of the art Panisonic Lumix GH4 cameras, UPP Studios is capable of a multi-cam shoot. We will put a small team together to work efficiently to get your project done in a timely, professional manner. Our production services include anything from industry projects (films, series, shorts, reels) to events (parties, concerts, business meetings, etc).

Editing: Using Final Cut, an industry standard, UPP Studios can edit your project to make your footage really shine. Whether it's something you shot yourself or it's something we shot for you, whether you have editing guidelines or you would like us to use our creative insight to edit your content and make it look its best, we can help. 
Content: Maybe you have a great idea for a film or series, but aren’t a great writer. UPP Studios can help. If you have the spark of an idea, we can assist you in fleshing it out and make your project a reality. With a keen understanding of writing dialogue, UPP Studios will work with you to “fill in your blanks”.
Direction: Do you need a director for a project? UPP Studios can help. Between training and hands on experience, we can provide you not only with a director that can help your project really pop, but an actor’s director that knows exactly how to communicate with your performers in order to get the best intended result.
Actors: UPP Studios production services, can also provide both actors for primary roles as well as roles for extras.