Blog 020 | Notoriety: Instigating Change

  • 07/01/2016

This blog, brought to you by UPP Studios, discusses notoriety, and how it gives people a a means of instigating change. With great power, comes great responsibility. There are clearly many people within the entertainment industry that feel a sense of responsibility when it comes to public issues. While there are a multitude of problems in our world, (from the environment to social injustices), celebrities tend to choose one thing to focus on, in a dedicated effort to make the world a better place. Leonardo DiCaprio, for instance, has become one of the major faces in the effort to combat global warming, starting a foundation to combat the damage being done to our environment. DiCaprio has not only traveled the world, speaking on the issue, but he also recently used his oscar acceptance speech as a platform for awareness, addressing the issue, making it a household topic of conversation and hopefully instigating change. Angelina Jolie has become a major human rights activist that has traveled to countless countries, pushing for awareness that results in instigating change. U2 lead singer Bono probably has the most notoriety when discussing celebrities who used their status ultimately instigating change for the better in the world. He has travelled to places like Ethiopia, Nicaragua and El Salvador, not only shining a light on conflicts in those areas, but also starting education programs that encompass hygiene and health as well. Jesse Williams just received a humanitarian award from BET, and he used his acceptance speech as a platform for awareness, addressing the state of racism and oppression that exists within our country, demanding a switch in perspective. Some notorious individuals choose to be the voice of issues they are directly effected by like Jesse Williams, while others choose to be the voice for those that don't have one, like Angelina Jolie and others. 

UPP Studios

UPP Studios is also using it's notoriety as a means of instigating change. First came the new media sketch comedy video entitled "Donald Trump's Wall," (currently featured on the Funny or Die homepage). Donald Trump has made very outrageous and often times politically incorrectAlabama Refuses | New Media Sketch Comedy | UPP Studios statements throughout the course of his campaign for the Presidency. UPP Studios wanted to shine a light on the absurd nature of some of these statements, as they are unrealistic and generally offensive. Next came the new media sketch comedy video entitled "Alabama Refuses." Alabama has refused to lower it’s flag for Sandy Hook, the Paris attacks, and now the Orlando massacre. UPP Studios chose to use this last refusal as an opportunity to make the public aware of Alabama's failure to show compassion to Americans who lost their lives far too soon. While these sketches are not going to be the impetus to change any laws or hold anyone accountable for their actions, at the very least we hope to raise awareness, as there are far too many people that aren't aware of the many injustices that occur in our world. Although UPP Studios is not a politically driven company, and although we are not activists by nature, we will continue to do our best to use our voice, hopefully instigating change, to make our world a better place. Thank you for your interest in our content. There is a new blog released every Friday, and a new original new media sketch comedy video released every Monday, all through so stay tuned!