Free The Balls | Sketches | UPP Studios

  • 04/09/2018

UPP Studios presents, another ultra-short new media sketch comedy videos, entitled “Free The Balls.” Necessity is the mother of invention. This statement couldn’t be more true. After conceptualizing this sketch, David and Adam began to ponder what they could use to emulate David’s testicles. Jumping into action, David quickly jerry-rigged what he believed to be the perfect solution. After hanging two apples from his crotch with some twine, David felt as though he had conquered the world. After filming the video, the boys realized that no matter how the shot was blurred, the apples would still be visible and the joke would be lost. This did not impede the completion of the sketch, but the shot wasn’t as shocking as we might have hoped. Nevertheless, the contraption that hung from David’s crotch made for some great blooper footage. Thanks for tuning in, and please let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Cast and Crew:

Brent - Adam C. Lively

Edgar - David M. Goldman

Writers - David M. Goldman & Adam C. Lively

Directors - David M. Goldman & Adam C. Lively

Editor - Adam C. Lively

Director of Photography - Adam C. Lively

Produced by UPP Studios