Blog 002 | Actpartment Enters Toronto Web Festival

  • 02/10/2016

UPP Studios proudly entered its first new media production, "Actpartment", into the Toronto Web Festival. In an attempt to not only reach a national audience with festivals like the Hollyweb Festival and San Francisco Web Fest, UPP Studios is reaching 
internationally with Toronto‚Äč and Vancouver web festivals as well. While some of these festivals bring with them monetary prizes (which UPP Studios would use to make bigger and better new media productions, while also expanding on current projects such as Actpartment), others bring with them the kind of prestige and notoriety that could open doors and create opportunities which would allow UPP Studios to grow. Furthermore, these festivals can provide a learning experience for UPP Studios, not only from the creators of the other web series with whom the company is competing, but also the festival audiences, which UPP Studios will use to adapt and evolve. 

New Media Productions | UPP Studios 

UPP Studios plans to produce many new media productions, beyond Actpartment and other web series. Embracing the many mediums, UPP Studios will be engaged with independent film production, comedy sketches, and other fun and interesting content for its viewership. The festival circuit is a good place to start, not only to get the UPP Studios name out there, but also to gage what content the production company will be competing against, within the entertainment industry, digitally and otherwise. As new media production is very popular right now, allowing many first time filmmakers to reach an ever expansive audience, UPP Studios will release the majority of its content through its web site, and take part in the advantages of digital production. UPP Studios hopes that you will join them in exploring the digital world and all that it has to offer.