Blog 004 | Actpartment Enters Hollyweb Festival

  • 03/03/2016

UPP Studios independent new media series, “Actpartment”, has been entered into the 2016 Hollyweb Festival. Best series, best comedy, best actor in a comedy, best directing, and best ensemble cast, are just some of the categories UPP Studios is competing in. Actpartment is an independent new media production that contains music composed by Anthony Zediker, which stands a chance at winning best original music/score. Although comedy is very subjective, UPP Studios feels that its web series is relatable on many levels, which in turn means the comedy will reach a very diversified audience. Additionally, not only is this festival local for UPP Studios, with the festival located in Hollywood, CA, and UPP Studios located in Burbank, CA, however the indepedent new media series, Actpartment, takes place in Los Angeles, CA, making it particularly relevant to this specific festival.

Independent New Media | UPP Studios

As UPP Studios is a new company, all of the media it produces is independent new media content. This means that UPP Studios producers are investing their own money in getting their content up and running. Although not every web series is created by a branded production company, many of the Web series that get submitted to the Hollyweb Festival, and other festivals like it, are independent new media productions. With nobody to reign them in or stifle their creativity, filmmakers can truly exercise an “outside of the box” mentality. As a result of the fact that these projects are primarily personally funded, the content has the potential to be outrageous, and Actpartment is no exception. UPP Studios looks forward to seeing the other exciting eccentric content that independent new media will bring to a new age audience.