Blog 006 | New Media

  • 03/17/2016

UPP Studios is using the rise in popularity of new media to make a name for itself and, in turn, build a following for it's independent video productions and other content. Not long ago, the Internet did not exist. During that time, there was not only less competition within the entertainment industry, but there was more of a sense of formula. With only a few ways to make it in the industry, and all of those ways leaving one boxed in, there was no room for an individual to express his/her creativity to a vast audience without the backing of a studio. There weren't many rogue, outside-of-the-box thinkers. The creation of the Internet, and subsequently social media platforms, has paved the way for the individual to generate, produce and promote his/her creative ideas. One of the best examples of this is Justin Beiber, who made his own music videos which he then uploaded to YouTube. Not long after entering the realm of the World Wide Web, R&B performer, Usher, took notice and signed the young entertainer. Seeing that mass exposure, and ultimately self made success was possible using the Internet and social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine, more and more people began to produce and release

their own content and build their own followings. UPP Studios founders Adam C. Lively and David M. Goldman have a plethora of creative concepts between them, and the explosion of sketch comedy productions facilitated the creation of UPP Studios and an opportunity for the two to showcase their creative endeavors. Working effortlessly to build it's following and entertain the masses, UPP Studios releases a new media content on a weekly, and sometimes, even a daily basis. As many social media platforms are different, UPP Studios producers have created many different forms of content which has forced the company to think even further outside the box, leading to the creation of some really innovative stop motion Vine videos that serve as marketing tools redirecting people back to the UPP Studios website. UPP Studios is excited about what the future will bring, not only in terms of the substance of their content, but also in terms of the tools that will be available to create that content. UPP Studios hopes that you will join them as they continue to generate independent video productions in the new media landscape. 

Donld Trump's Wall | Politics & Comedy

Politics have always served as a golden goose for comedians. It seems that not only are politicians caricatures of themselves by nature, but the political scene unintentionally cultivates a ton of comedic content. Some politicians can't open their mouths without producing comedic fodder, so much so that their words don't even need to be manipulated in order to make what they're saying funny. One such politician was President George W. Bush. Will Ferrell dedicated an entire Broadway one man show to satirizing the former president. Now, during the 2016 race for party nominations, we have another comedic golden goose, the one and only, Mr. Donald Trump. As demonstrated by the performances of Julia Louis Dreyfus in the HBO award winning comedy series, Veep, in many cases it is almost impossible to distinguish between dialogue spoken by her ridiculous character and those spoken by Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. Donald Trump says so many outrageous things that one might think that he has a team of sitcom writers drafting his speeches. With all of this in mind, UPP Studios has just released a new media sketch comedy video entitled "Donald Trump's Wall." This sketch serves as a bonus video, with UPP Studios normally releasing a sketch every Monday (Commentating Gary was released this past Monday). Donald Trump's Wall uses Trump's own words, yet again, to highlight his ludicrous nature. UPP Studios hopes that you enjoy the first of many bonus sketches to be released, as well as the rest of it's independent film production and new media content.