Blog 009 | Comedy Writing

  • 04/08/2016

This blog, composed of original content created by UPP Studios, discusses comedy writing as it pertains not only to the entertainment industry, but also to UPP Studios specifically. Comedy is extremely subjective. It is rare to come across content that is universally considered funny. Furthermore, material that works in one format may not work in another. A comedy routine created for purposes of stand-up may not work as the basis of a sketch comedy video concept. Although many think that comedic writers create under a less serious lens, the best comedy is comedy that is treated as seriously as any other genre.

There are two main focuses of any piece of written dialogue: concept and character. To write the best material, the two must not only NOT be mutually exclusive but, rather, they must also be considered of equal importance. Anyone can come up with a great concept. However, without rich characters with developed back stories, that concept will fall apart. “Breaking Bad” was a phenomenal television show. It would not have been nearly as good or as powerful, however, had the characters not been created with as much depth as they were. The pains of main character Walter Louis CK Comedy Writer & GeniusWhite's life (not only the obvious and literal being his health, but also his pride taking a hit by his position in life and his constant financial struggles despite his innate brilliance) all fed into his character, further facilitating the great concept and giving the actor loads to pull from in his performance.

Placing equal value on concept and character may be even more important in comedy. Much of today's comedy has elements of improvisation trickled in (at the very least), to provide for a more organic feeling from the performers. Development of character back stories allows for better, more thoughtful improvisation, that can produce very worthwhile content, because it's coming from a pre-existing foundation of details about the characters and their idiosyncrasies. “Louie”, a show created, written, directed by and starring Louis CK, is the epitome of this idea in practice from a comedic perspective. "A man who can never seem to get the upper hand in life, mostly because he gets in his own way" in concept alone would not have become the repeatedly Emmy award winning show that it is today without the richly developed character that is Louie.

UPP Studios | Comedy Writing Process

UPP Studios is focusing on implementing the aforementioned ideas in the creation of it's written dialogue. Much has been written on the Actpartment episode pages within the UPP website about how the decision to thoroughly develop the characters assisted in the improvisational process and allowed for more fruitful discoveries within the dreamt up world. In addition, UPP Studios is attempting to filter these ideas through it’s sketch comedy videos as well. Much of what exists on the Internet in terms of sketch comedy are concept driven sketches with shallow characters. The videos are short, frivolous and leave a fleeting impression. UPP Studios wants to do things differently. We want rich characters. We want material that is not only trendy, and gets the quick laugh, but also leaves a lasting impression on our audience. Even within a sketch comedy video, UPP Studios would like to provide a cinematic experience. We hope that you will check in periodically on the website and on all of our social media accounts to see all of these concepts come to fruition. Thank you so much for your continued support and please feel free to leave comments below the videos to let us know what you think.