Blog 015 | Do It Yourself

  • 05/27/2016

This blog, brought to you by UPP Studios, discusses the do-it-yourself mentality and how self starting is the best way to prosper. There are two types of people: those who wait for things to happen and those that make things happen. Unfortunately, waiting gets you nowhere. We are in a digital age. An age of creation. The power to create is in the hands of the "everyman" and content is abundant. The entertainment industry is extremely competitive as was discussed in the previous blog entry entitled "dealing with rejection." If you're a performer, there are a million other performers who look just like you and want the role just as badly as you do. If you're a writer, there are a million other completed scripts in circulation that are just as funny or gut-wrenching as yours. If you're a producer, there are a million other producers in search of funding for their films. You get the picture. I can hear the rebuttals already, so let me say that, of course, there are exceptions to every rule. There are actors who get cast right off the street because they have the right look. There are wealthy individuals who approach filmmakers with funding in an attempt to support the arts, but these instances are in the minority. In the majority of cases, those who wait for things to happen will continue to wait indefinitely. They say if you want something done right you should do it yourself. In reality, if you want something done at all you should do it yourself. Nowadays more and more people are adopting the do-it-yourself mentality. A movie called Tangerine premiered at the 2015 Sundance film festival followed by a limited release via Magnolia Pictures. The film was shot in it's entirety on three iPhone 5s smartphones. As opposed to waiting for scripts or funding or or actors or producers, people are writing, directing and acting in their own material and the independent film world is growing rapidly as a result. 

UPP Studios

UPP Studios producer, Adam C. Lively, hails from Idaho, where manly things like carpentry are in your blood. As a matter of fact, Adam wasDo It Yourself | Adam C. Lively | UPP Studios Founder born holding a socket wrench! They say opposites attract and that's certainly the case with the founders of UPP Studios. David M. Goldman can barely put together furniture from Ikea. As such, Adam had been slaving away in the UPP Studios workshop building film equipment like sliders, crane jibs and steady cam rigs to increase production value. Both Adam and David have done research to learn the ins and outs of final cut and Adam has recently familiarized himself with Davinci Resolve 12. Before coming together to create UPP Studios, Adam and David were auditioning with the masses. While they have both been cast in projects (Adam most recently starring in a HONNE & Izzy Bizu music video), they no longer wanted to wait to create. The two decided to embrace the do-it-yourself mindset and, in addition to continuing to audition, they began to create. Writing, directing, editing and producing their own projects lead not only to a plethora of content, but a feeling of accomplishment. The equipment that Adam continues to build, and the scripts he and David continue to write, will serve as fuel to keep the UPP Studios engine running smoothly for the foreseeable future. There are many exciting things to come from this self starting company. Thank you for your continued interest in UPP Studios. Please let us know what you think of our videos in the comments section at the bottom of the page!