Blog 013 | Building Your Brand: Tenacity is Key

  • 05/13/2016

This blog, brought to you by UPP Studios, discusses building your brand and how tenacity will lead to greatness and success. There's no doubt about it, hard work pays off in any industry, or any instance really. Those who are willing to put in the time, and the effort, inevitably reap the fruits of their labor. In several past blog entries from UPP Studios we have discussed Louis CK. He is the epitome of tenacity and diligence. He acts, he writes, he directs, he performs stand-up comedy, and he's constantly producing new content. Now, after years of hard work, he has the fan base, and the awards, to show for his diligence. 

Building your brand doesn't happen overnight. There's a certain amount of proving yourself that must occur to warrant notoriety. You have to put in the time. Kevin Hart has exploded within the entertainment industry and beyond becoming a superstar, he has become a mogul. He's in commercials, he's in huge box office movies and he's performing stand-up for record breaking crowds. Hart recently performed at Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field in front of 53,000 people. None of this, however, happened by accident. He has undoubtedly put in the time. He built his own brand from the ground up. When he started performing stand-up there was no social media, just e-mail. Hart would collect the fan's email addresses after his shows and kept them involved and entertained as he climbed the ladder of success. Once social media became available, he transitioned seamlessly, accruing more and more fans along the way. Hart will tweet out the address of a theater where one of his films is playing, offering to buy tickets and popcorn for the fans that show up to watch the film with him. Having a built in following is priceless in the eyes of studios when a movie is in pre-production. This is why Hart is in so many big studio films. He sells tickets, no matter what the film. 

UPP Studios

UPP Studios is trying to take a page out of the book of those who were successful before us. We go to sleep story boarding and we wake up filming. In addition to constantly producing our own material, we are continually undertaking projects and offering our services to others. We write during breakfast and we edit during lunch. Loving what you do is not enough to rise in the ranks, you must live and breathe it. In the small amount of time that UPP Studios has existed, we have already started to see that our diligent attitude attracts likeminded "go-getters." These wonderful people not only facilitate the completion of our own projects, but the projects we get contracted to do and we are eternally grateful to have the support of so many talented individuals. We will continue to work hard to entertain you. It is a privilege to be able to move you as an audience, whatever you may feel after watching a UPP Studios production. We look forward to continuing to bring you content on a weekly basis, and we hope that you stick around to see, and take part in, our growth!