Blog 011 | Camaraderie Amongst Entertainers: A Gift to the Fans

  • 04/29/2016

This blog, brought to you by UPP studios, discusses comaraderie amongst entertainers and how the fans benefit as a result. There are some who enter the entertainment industry for fame and fortune, and others who enter in response to a burning desire to create. It is the latter group that performs with more conviction because of the motivation for the performance. People are drawn to that sort of energy. Throughout the entertainment industry, more and more performers are working together simply because they share a common love for their art. 

The BET experience at the Staples Center in Los Angeles generally advertises two or three headliner performers.  In actuality, however, there winds up being more like 10 headliners because, performers who are either local to the area or just passing through, want to get in on the excitement. 

As mentioned in the previous UPP Studios blog, Louis CK was able to acquire the likes of Steve Buscemi, Edie Falco and Jessica Lange for his passion project with very little hope of major financial gain because they all believed in the project after reading the script. UPP Studios founder, David M. Goldman, feels fortunate to have grown up and played music with a very talented up-and-coming performer named Andrew Watt. Watt recently performed a four-week residency at the bar Dirty Laundry in Hollywood. Watt has an undoubtable love of his craft. This love permeates through him and is infectious, resulting in the likes of such extremely notoriously talented musicians such as Chad Smith, Josh Freese, and Dave Kushner, showing up to jam with Watt during his week long engagement. These kinds of appearances, facilitated by the comaraderie between the performers, and as a result of a mutual adoration for performing, are priceless gifts to the fans. Watt's shows were completely free and all of the special guests that played made the night extremely unique for all who came out to support Watt. 

UPP Studios | Camaraderie Amongst Entertainers

UPP studios was founded because producers Adam C. Lively and David M. Goldman wanted to immerse themselves in every aspect of theUPP Studios Founder Adam C. Lively in Tokyo Japan industry that they love. They believe in assisting other imaginative souls and believe in art for the sake of art. As time passes they feel that their overwhelming desire to create will shine through and make them magnets for other creative and talented individuals. Being an open person and a “yes” person, leads to a bevy of opportunities. This very concept was proven by Adam C. Lively just 2 weeks ago. A producer that Adam had worked with in the past contacted him to see if he was available and interested in being in a music video. The producer contacted Adam not only because of his great look and acting abilities, but also because he remembered how much Adam was willing to participate, no matter what the circumstance. The music video would shoot in Tokyo and Adam would have to get on a plane within two hours of being offered the job. Without hesitation Adam said yes and embarked on the journey of a lifetime. Adam just wanted to participate in this new adventure and this led to his first ever trip out of the U.S. As fate would have it, Adam spent his birthday in Tokyo and it would be a birthday he would never forget. UPP studios will continue to embrace this type of blind compliance in the name of art and production and the ultimate hope is that this will inevitably lead to greatness. UPP studios thanks you for your continued interest and support as we grow as a company.