Blog 007 | Independent Productions

  • 03/24/2016

This blog discusses the nature of UPP Studio’s Independent productions. Writing, producing and directing your own materials allows you to be

UPP Studios Home Page Link beholden to no-one. While this may sound fantastic, it also comes at a price. When you are beholden to a studio, often your creative liberties are stripped. Either the dialogue is forcibly changed to fall in line with a generic formula or the lens of the project is changed so that it looks less unique (perhaps because the studio fears risky, yet beautiful, dissonance). In exchange for the studio’s co-opting your project as they see fit, also comes financing. While UPP Studios would welcome more money behind its productions, we actually prefer the creative freedom that comes with making independent productions. UPP Studios, priding itself on being a company that covers a wide range of pre-production, production and post-production skills, is as a result the perfect company to be undertaking such projects. Producers Adam C. Lively and David M. Goldman (at times in collaboration with other talented “up-and-comers” in the industry), cover every part of the production process from location scouting to story boarding and from shooting to editing (including sound and color correction. UPP Studios provides a multitude of other services as well). This kind of creative control provides for a great sense of accomplishment as UPP Studios believes it's independent productions are evidence that it’s company is capable of high quality work without having great financial backers at it's disposal. UPP Studios hopes that you will not only tune in for it's independent productions, but the company also suggests that you continue to read the weekly blog entries for further insight into the creative process. 

UPP Studio's Independent Productions & New Media Content

Thus far, all of the new media content that UPP Studios has released can be considered independent productions as they were all personally financed. Of course, UPP Studios would love to collaborate with other studios and production companies in the future, as well as independent financiers who advocate the advancement of cinema. The company believes that there are two ways in which to best achieve this goal, and to gain the kind of notoriety that would allow for company growth. The first is to continue to make independent productions that not only highlight the company’s capabilities but also show the vast nature of it's creativity and ingenuity. The second is to inundate social media with content that is fun and inventive, all of which serves to guide people back to the UPP Studios website and YouTube channel, (both of which house the company's independent productions). With the social media following that will accrue, and the non-stop flow of high quality work UPP Studios plans to continue to release, the company hopes to make UPP Studios a household name and a major competitor in the entertainment industry.