Blog 010 | Independent Web Television

  • 04/22/2016

This blog, brought to you by UPP Studios, discusses independent web television and how/why it is the future of entertainment. Everyone values independence. We value the freedom to not only express, but to express precisely what we feel or see within us. For filmmakers, that freedom translates to production. Studio backing of a film is phenomenal: financial backing of a film affords endless possibilities in terms of production value. As we have discussed in previous blogs, the problem that my arise working with a major studio is that the studio tends to infringe on one’s creative control, although the extent of such infringement actually depends on the studio. Louis  C.K., for instance, was able to partner with FX and still maintain complete creative control of his autobiographical show “Louie.” Louis has always been an inspiration for all independent artists and now he continues in that vein with the creation of his brand new independent web television show entitled “Horace and Pete.” 

Recently, on the Howard Stern’s sirius/xm radio show, Louis C.K. spoke about a passion project that he was completely self-funding. After writing the first several episodes, and feeling he had something really solid, Louis C.K. began to seek actors he felt fit the roles perfectly. Horace and Peter LouisCK.netOf course, Louis did this his own way, as he does everything. As opposed to going through agents and managers, Louis walked up to celebrities at award shows and told them that they needed to be in his show for one reason or another. His passion was undeniable and it spoke to each and every one of the people he approached, almost all of whom signed on immediately after reading the pilot. Even though he had no major studio backing (and subsequently no major funding behind the project), Louis, using only passion, ambition and drive, was able to acquire the likes of Steve Buscemi, Jessica Lange,  Edie Falco, Allen Alda, and several others who believed in Louis’ vision. With this extraordinary cast, he created 10 episodes of an independent web television show he calls “Horace and Pete” which can be purchased at a very low cost on his website Sales are slow to start for the episodic, but Louis is a pioneer and these things take time to catch on. UPP Studios encourages you to support Louis’ show as it embodies the most wonderful parts of the creative process. 

UPP Studios | Independent Web Televsion 

Everything is moving in the direction of the internet. From computers to tablets, to phones, and now even to cars. Apple is among several companies that is currently integrating technology into the next line of automobiles that will be produced. Companies like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are finding more and more success with their independent web television shows and films that are streamed through their paid internet services. There are even free sites that offer a wide variety of entertainment like Crackle, creating original independent web television shows with names as big as Jerry Seinfeld. These trends suggest that focus is being directed towards the internet and, as such, it would seem that self producing and releasing paid content (as Louis did with Horace and Pete) is the future of entertainment. This is very exciting because it puts the power in the hands of the individual and paves the way for more content than ever before which means innovation in film is right around the corner (maybe even closer than around the corner with the development of things like 360 degree film). UPP Studios could not have been created at a more perfect time. We are the epitome of these ideas. We want to control our creativity. We want to innovate. We want to explore new mediums. We are the future. UPP Studios hopes that you stick around to see the company’s ambitions take flight as it develops an independent web television presence. Thank you, as always, for your time and support.