Blog 001 | Welcome to UPP Studios

  • 02/07/2016

UPP Studios would like to invite you all to come on a journey. A company will grow before your eyes, original, independent film productions, exciting new media content, and it’s all for you. UPP Studios stands for Utility Player Production Studios. Adam C. Lively, and David M. Goldman, being multi-faceted when it comes to their capabilities within the entertainment industry, (similar to a utility player in baseball who can be put at any position), created a company that personified that very quality. Following mutual ambitions they hit the ground running. With an archive of scripts waiting to be shot, as well as new ideas constantly bubbling under the surface, filming is continual. Therefore, UPP Studios plans to consistently bring you new content, for your viewing pleasure. Although initially UPP Studios is bringing you its own, originally created, personally funded content, the plan is to collaborate with other studios and production companies in the future as the UPP Studios brand becomes more notorious. To build notoriety, in addition to networking and continually uploading new media, UPP Studios will be marketing its content strategically through social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram, and vine. That said, should you like the original content you see on our site, connect with us on social media and continue to watch us flourish!

New Media & Independent Film Productions

Through new media and future indendent film productions, UPP Studios hopes to ultimately reach a point where viewers can see UPP Studios original content on television, and in theaters, on a global level. New Media is the best way to reach people across the world using the internet in the interim. New media, a term coined in the 21st century, brings content to viewers through a multitude of digital 
UPP STUDIOS | WEB SERIES ACTPARTMENT BTS PHOTO OF EVAN L. SMITHdevices. The new media world is growing at such a rapid rate, that not only are there entire festivals dedicated to it, (various web festivals, one even called the New Media Film Festival), but many prestigious festivals and award ceremonies that were already established haveadded a new media category to accommodate the changing landscape of the industry. In addition to Actpartment, its first piece of new media released since becoming a production company, UPP Studios plans on releasing comedy sketches, short films, and other series, through its website Look for UPP Studios, a production company that seeks to embrace a new age of social media and become the future of film.