Sketches | UPP Studios

  • 02/07/2016

Driving to bring a non-stop flow of new media sketches, and new media sketch comedy content to its viewership, UPP Studios releases new media sketch comedy every Monday in the sketches section of the website. Many of these sketches star UPP Studios producers Adam C. Lively and David M. Goldman. In an homage to the groundbreaking sketch comedy series Mr. Show, UPP Studios hopes to ultimately intertwine their sketches into a growing experience, in which sketches exist not only separate and apart from each other, but also all joined together within one greater universe. 

New Media | Sketch Comedy

Sketch comedy not only comes in many different shapes and sizes, but there are also many consistent themes. Older shows like SNL and MadTV as well as newer shows like Key and Peele familiarized viewers with the sketch comedy format and paved the way for a new media explosion. With the rise in popularity of the internet and the growth of social media platforms like YouTube, vimeo and Facebook, opportunities arose for the masses to compete with the mainstream professionals for their moment in the spotlight. UPP Studios is now taking it's opportunity, to prove itself as a worthy source of not only a bevy of sketch comedy, but also droves of other new media content.